Ankeny Xtreme Softball

Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 Season

Registration Information

Fall 2024 / Spring 2025 registration is open from June 1 - June 15.   All registrants must register in their appropriate birth year unless prior board approval was given.  Birth certificates must be uploaded as part of the registration process and the birth date in the player profile must match.

  • 6U, 7U, 8U and 13U will register and pay their annual fees in full or via a payment plan.
    • There are no tryouts at these age levels.
    • For 13U, registrants that are not with a current team will be provided to coaches for individual tryouts to fill teams.
  • 9U - 12U will register and pay a $25 tryout fee.  Annual fee payment will be made during the team selection process.
    • For 9U, all players will tryout.  There is no pre-bid at that age level.

*Ankeny Xtreme expects to form a minimum of 3 teams per age division. The total number of teams formed in each age division will be determined based on the number of registrants and field space availability. Registrants are not guaranteed to make a competitive team. Those not making a team will have the option of playing in the recreational league.

Tryout Information

Tryout Dates

  • June 24                 9U / 10U Tryouts (5:30 Registration / Warm Up, 6:00 Tryout)
  • June 25                 11U / 12U Tryouts (5:30 Registration / Warm Up, 6:00 Tryout)
  • June 26                 RAIN DATE – 9U / 10U Tryouts
  • June 27                 RAIN DATE – 11U / 12U Tryouts

Tryout Information

Tryout Dates

  • June 24                 9U / 10U Tryouts (5:30 Registration / Warm Up, 6:00 Tryout)
  • June 25                 11U / 12U Tryouts (5:30 Registration / Warm Up, 6:00 Tryout)
  • June 26                 RAIN DATE – 9U / 10U Tryouts
  • June 27                 RAIN DATE – 11U / 12U Tryouts

2024 - 2025 Coaches

Ankeny Xtreme competitive teams are selected by coaches and are named consistently in each age group as follows:

  • 1st Team = Black
  • 2nd Team = Blue
  • 3rd Team = White
  • 4th Team = Gray

1st team coaches are approved by the board based on desired coaching level, coaching ability and past team development and performance.  The coaches for each age division will be announced prior to registration opening on June 1:

  • Ankeny Xtreme Black 2011 - TBD
  • Ankeny Xtreme Black 2012 - TBD
  • Ankeny Xtreme Black 2013 - TBD
  • Ankeny Xtreme Black 2014 - TBD

Other approved head coaches are (in alphabetical order):

  • 13U - TBD
  • 12U - TBD
  • 11U - TBD
  • 10U - TBD
  • 9U - TBD
  • 8U - TBD
  • 7U - TBD
  • 6U - TBD

NOTE:  If a current 2023/2024 and approved 2024/2025 head coach / player accepts a bid to play on another team, the current 2023/2024 assistants will have the opportunity apply to be a head coach, if they haven't already done so.  Team will be assigned based on need and fit.



(2018 Birth Year)

Spring Season 2025


(2017 Birth Year)

Full Season [Fall and Spring]


(2016 Birth Year)

Full Season [Fall and Spring]


(2011 Birth Year)

Full Season [Fall and Spring]

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(2015 Birth Year)

Full Season [Fall and Spring]


(2014 Birth Year)

Full Season [Fall and Spring]


(2013 Birth Year)

Full Season [Fall and Spring]


(2012 Birth Year)

Full Season [Fall and Spring]

Team Selection Process

9U – 12U

Ankeny Xtreme follows a competitive team selection process for players entering the 9U – 12U age divisions.  This process ensures to create like-skilled teams to put competitive teams on the field at all levels  

6U - 8U 

Ankeny Xtreme 6U – 8U age divisions do not participate in this team selection process.  Coaches may form their own team or players can be placed on rosters by the board at random.  There is no evaluation or tryout

'24 timeline

May 1-15 – Coach Application Open

  • All coaches wishing to coach for the next season must fill out an application

May 16-31 – Coach Selection

  • Competitive Commissioner and Developmental League Coordinator review all applications and provide recommendations to the Executive Board for approval
  • The Executive Board receives recommendations, reviews, and approves coaches
  • AGSA board will determine which coach is “team 1” for a pre-bidding process
  • AGSA board will determine subsequent coaches in each age division for a pre-bidding process

June 1-June 15 - Registration Open

  • Registration for all age divisions (6U – 13U)
  • $25 fee non-refundable fee to register for tryouts (9U – 12U only)

June 17-21 - Pre-Bid Selection (10U - 12U Only)

  • Coaches will work with Competitive Commissioner to issue pre-bids to players prior to tryouts (coaches may choose to not to pre-bid players, bid their whole team, or choose only a few players)
  • Parents/Players have 24 hours to review and accept or deny bids.
  • Once a pre-bid is accepted parents will then be able to go online and pay fees/set up fee payment
  • The bidding process will not move to the next team until the previous team’s roster is complete and bids accepted

June 24-27 - Tryouts

  • June 24th - 9u/10u (Rain date - June 26th )
  • June 25th - 11u/12u (Rain date - June 27th)

NOTE: Players who have received a pre-bid will not need to attend these tryouts

July 1-8 - Bid Selection 

  • Bidding will start where the pre-bid selection left off 
  • Parents will have 48 hours to accept and pay or set up payment for registration fees
  • Girls who don’t receive a bid will be notified via email and we will do our best to secure girls a spot in our Recreation Program